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Are your emerging Tech Leaders ready to drive your organisation into the future?

The Scalable Leaders program turns people into inclusive, resilient, authentic and scalable leaders by giving them the skills they need to thrive.

This isn’t just another leadership course; it’s a comprehensive development experience rooted in real-world Tech industry insights.

What Makes Us

scalable leaders

Leadership Excellence

Our program, crafted by experienced Leaders in Tech, offers a sandbox environment to test and refine leadership skills without the risk of damaging relationships at work. Unlike traditional methods, Scalable Leaders focuses on what works in the Tech industry, cutting out outdated practices and leveraging familiar concepts for faster learning.

Daunting Challenges

Tailored for
Leaders in Tech

With 15 years of experience across diverse Tech teams and backed by the latest Leadership research, our program includes insights from Leaders at Google, Atlassian, CultureAmp, Zip, Sendle, and various startups. The Scalable Leaders approach has consistently delivered results from bootstrapped startups to Fortune 500 companies.

scalable leaders

Cohort Experience

Small groups of up to 20 people. Members make meaningful connections and gain a broad spectrum of insights and perspectives at the same time.


scalable leaders

Sandbox Sessions

Multiple practice sessions each week (inside and outside of core business hours), allowing members to role play challenging situations and discuss real world Leadership case studies.

scalable leaders

Real-World Case Studies

Members will learn from real-world case studies and experiences, directly applicable to the unique challenges of Tech Leadership.

scalable leaders

24/7 Community Support

Our community of Leaders in Tech supports continuous learning and growth, just like Stack Overflow for Leadership. No member gets left behind.

Enticing Perks

Unparalleled Flexibility

We understand that life and work can be hectic. Our program is designed like a gym membership—members can join any session, anytime, and repeat until they feel confident.

Daunting Challenges

Expert Mentorship

Members will learn from facilitators with over 10 years of experience as Tech Leaders in both startups and large corporations.

scalable leaders

Practice Makes Perfect

Accessible on Notion, updated regularly, and available for life, these tools have transformed how our alumni lead their teams and interact with their peers.

scalable leaders

Evidence-based Playbook

Members will learn from real-world case studies and experiences, directly applicable to the unique challenges of Tech Leadership. Scalable Leaders is a proven playbook grounded in evidence based Leadership techniques including frameworks such as situational leadership and emotional intelligence. The playbook has been utilised in Tech firms ranging from 2 to 200,000 employees, saving members from the need to start from scratch.

scalable leaders

Core Topics
(on rotation)

1. Managing Yourself

  • Discover your leadership style.
  • Build and sustain confidence.

2. Feedback and Expectations

  • Master receiving and managing feedback.
  • Set and meet expectations.
  • Deliver difficult feedback effectively.

3. Culture and Conflict

  • Create an engaging and safe team culture.
  • Manage conflicts and escalate when necessary.

4. Building and Scaling Teams

  • Hire and retain high performers.
  • Delegate effectively and develop team members.
  • Manage layoffs gracefully.

Key Features &

Develop Authentic Leaders

Our program helps Leaders become confident in their leadership style, freeing up mental space to solve real problems instead of pretending to be someone they’re not.

Foster Inclusivity

Equip Leaders to effectively manage diverse teams, including neurodivergent individuals, fostering a culture of inclusivity.

Scalable Leadership

Prepare Leaders to effortlessly manage large teams under pressure and develop future Leaders within their teams.

Evidence-Based Training

Receive practical, evidence-based guidance and templates that have been proven to deliver results.

ROI - The Case for Leadership Development

  • 1 Leader overseeing 5 team members with a total payroll of $750,000.

The Math

  • A 10% improvement in team performance equals a $75,000 productivity gain.

And this doesn't even factor in the positive impact on retention and re-hiring costs!

See what our members are saying about the Program

I feel more confident and became much more intentional about the relationship with my manager. I also have the resources now to tackle difficult situations.

Lucie Gordon
Head of Design | Palo IT

Ben can say things you already know in a way that resonates and make you understand it even better.

Daniel Tome
Engineering Manager | Qantas

It’s been focused and personal. The content has been awesome too. Very reassuring and validating. Definitely a safe space.

Mitchel Woods
Product Manager | Fresh Clinics

After 2 sessions, I already started changing the way I lead my team through different situations. The way I think about leadership has matured.

Andi Putra
Lead Software Engineer | Qantas

Really liked the role play, it was super effective.

Jackie Rabec
Head of Product | Google

Ben has a wonderful approach to leading the discussion and making one think. He redirects you to points and areas, you may have overlooked. It is thought-provoking.

Anand Murthy
QA Lead | Qantas

I became much more proactive on managing up, and more confident with different leadership styles.

Benjamin Xiao-Vance
Engineering Lead

Great theory, concepts, scenarios and touchpoints.

Phillip Yuen
Product Manager | Strongroom AI

Frequently asked questions about Scalable Leaders Program

Q: What is the Scalable Leaders Program?

A: The Scalable Leaders Program is a specialised training program designed for aspiring and emerging Leaders in the Tech industry.

Through driving Leadership excellence, we empower Leaders and organisations to grow faster and scale their impact.

Q: Who is the Scalable Leaders Program suited for?

A: The program is tailored for emerging as well as aspiring managers responsible for leading product, design or engineering teams. It caters to individuals seeking to get the most out of their diverse teams to drive innovation, growth and impact.

Q: What are the key benefits of participating in the Scalable Leaders Program?

A: Participants can expect to:

  • Develop advanced leadership skills specific to the Tech sector.
  • Learn strategies for scaling teams and projects effectively.
  • Gain insights into industry best practices and trends.
  • Network with like-minded professionals and industry experts.
  • Drive organisational growth and innovation through effective leadership.

Q: How is the program structured?

A: The program is organised like a gym schedule – members can pick and chose which modules they want to focus on at any given time. They can skip and repeat sessions as often as they like, so they can focus on their current needs and feel confident to tackle their issues at hand.

Q: What topics are covered in the Scalable Leaders Program?

A: We cover all aspects of leadership. Our modules are structured into the following categories:

1. Managing Yourself (e.g. emotional intelligence, situational leadership, building & sustaining confidence)

2. Building & Scaling Teams (e.g. hiring & retaining high performers, managing remote & hybrid teams, developing people, letting people go without burning bridges)

3. Feedback & Expectations (e.g. managing up, giving and receiving constructive feedback)

4. Culture & Conflict (e.g. fostering psychological safety, managing conflict, creating an engaging team culture)

For the latest schedule, please contact us.

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