We provide a Growth & Support System for all Leaders in Tech.

Leadership Training for

Designers-focused programs built to develop leadership skills, enhance decision-making abilities, and drive professional growth.

Leadership Training for
Product Managers

Becoming Product-Led doesn't happen if your Product Managers are not capable leaders. We can change that.

New Manager Training
for Designers

Equip emerging design managers with comprehensive training programs designed to cultivate leadership skills, foster creativity, and navigate the unique challenges of overseeing creative teams.

Inclusive Leadership Training for
Leaders in Tech

Specialised training programs to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, fostering a culture of respect and belonging.

New Manager Training
for Engineers

Elevate engineering leadership with targeted training for new managers. Develop essential skills to lead technical teams, drive innovation, and achieve project success in dynamic environments.

Public Speaking on Leadership

Elevate your leadership presence in the dynamic world of tech. Designed to empower tech professionals with the confidence, skills, and charisma needed to deliver impactful presentations, engage diverse audiences, and communicate complex ideas effectively.

New Manager Training
for Product Managers

Enhance product management expertise through specialised training for new managers. Acquire strategic skills to lead product teams, drive development, and deliver impactful solutions in competitive markets.

Communication Skills Training

Workshops and coaching sessions focused on enhancing communication effectiveness, active listening, and interpersonal skills for leaders and teams.

What is the Scalable Leaders Program?

The Scalable Leaders Program is a comprehensive leadership development system designed to be the fastest way for Leaders in Tech to level up. Part community, part gym for Leadership, it has helped dozens of leaders to scale themselves, their teams, and their impact.

Who is the Scalable Leaders Program for?

The program most popular with aspiring and emerging leaders in Product Management, Design and Engineering, but we also have members from other functions such as HR and operations. Anyone who wants to gain confidence, build leadership skills and and uncover their unknown unknowns is welcome.

What topics are covered in the Program?

We cover all aspects of leadership. Our modules are structured into the following categories:

1. Managing Yourself (e.g. emotional intelligence, situational leadership, building & sustaining confidence)

2. Building & Scaling Teams (e.g. hiring & retaining high performers, managing remote & hybrid teams, developing people, letting people go without burning bridges)

3. Feedback & Expectations (e.g. managing up, giving and receiving constructive feedback)

4. Culture & Conflict (e.g. fostering psychological safety, managing conflict, creating an engaging team culture)

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Frequently asked questions

Scalable Leaders is designed to be the fastest way to level up as a Leader in Tech.


Ben really understands what drives and motivates people, and leads with integrity and candour. He has taught me the kind of leader I would like to be.

Cheryl Gledhill
Product Director at Culture Amp

Ben is someone who can very quickly understand problems to solve in any given difficult situation - presenting practical and feasible solutions by pulling from his own experiences and expertise. He is a leader by nature, and is able to motivate individuals to shine their brightest in their roles.

Suzy Hur
Head of Product at Before You Bid

I'm getting the confidence and conviction out of the coaching for the work I'm doing. I'm also getting really good ways to frame concepts and the work that I do - in short the language you use is powerful for my internal comms and helps make me more efficient in working with others.

Sarah Maloof
Head of Product & Strategy at Link Market Services

Ben is an accomplished team leader. He is a generous and patient mentor and coach for his team, which has seen him significantly increase engagement and productivity in the team even in challenging circumstances.

Colette Grgic
Head of Startup Ecosystem, AU & NZ at Amazon Web Services

Ben has a broad range of experience from running his own company to leading agile development teams in large enterprises. I could always trust Ben to provide frank and straightforward advice, free from encumbrances.

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin
CEO at Phyllome

The reason people stay loyal to a company is because of real and authentic leadership. A lot of leaders aspire to that, however, with Ben, it is practised and embodied in everything he does. I am really grateful for all the guidance, support, trust and belief he had in me which helped me to grow.

Lead Designer & Interim Product Director at Known